广州 guangzhou
年龄/Age : 26 岁
属性/Gender: TS
身高/Height: 176厘米
体重/Weight: 64公斤
头发长度/ Hairlength: 中长发
罩杯/ Cupsize: D罩杯
C+罩杯 异域风情 时尚名媛
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I have been doing full body exploration for quite a few years . I learned and through the abundant amount of trust that my client have bestowed upon me. Through their very submission and ability to let go to me. I only explore the entire body based on your reactions to my touch . No more no less. I am only what you allow me to be . This, in my opinion, is the Only way it will work . If you come with a preconceived notion or idea of what you think you won't like then your reactions will indicate that to me and the massage session will be directed according to that. Ofcourse, I prefer no preconceived ideas when you come to see me .

It is said that those who don't practice prostate stimulation are missing out on one of the most intense feelings it is possible to have. Many men are shy about their prostate gland simply for the fact of where it can be found an orgasm brought by prostate stimulation is said to be one of the best orgasm that man can experience. Most men don't know that there

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